Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month excluding January at the Raiders Weston Club, starting at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along, a current membership is not required. No club meeting is held in January, and meetings will still go ahead if they happen to fall on a public holiday.


You can of course come to one of our club meetings, but out in the forest is where the action is! Come along to a khanacross with a suitable car of your own, or just to watch and help officiate. There are often club cars which can be used by new competitors who don’t possess a suitable vehicle.

Khanacrosses are simple events, and a great way to learn more sophisticated car control in a safe environment. We make sure those who volunteer as an official also have a chance to compete, and it is common for our members to do both at the same event. We encourage all competitors to help out and take over official duties like timing in between their stints in the car. This lightens the load on everyone and is a great opportunity to to learn both the competitive and organisational sides of the events.

Khanacross Round 2 - Light Car Club of Canberra, Gundaroo track.

Become an official

Running a motorsport event requires a lot of effort, and volunteers are our favourite people.

Khanacrosses are deliberately uncomplicated and require mostly helping hands to set up the course equipment and to record times with a stopwatch.

Rallies and rallysprints are more complicated, and official duties range from simple positions such as road closures to experienced positions requiring a Motorsport Australia certification (which the LCCC can help you to obtain). Whatever your skills or interests, you can play a useful and appreciated role in the club.

Road closures are a simple and a great way to start out officiating, spending a day out in the forest watching some talented drivers demonstrate their skill. No experience is required to man a road closure and they are a great opportunity to take photos while you watch the action from your own private spectator spot. If solitude isn’t your style there are also roles such as spectator marshalling that will allow you to see the competitors flying past as well as mingle.

Become a rally co-driver

To co drive you will need at least a Motorsport Australia Rally Navigator licence, and a driver with a seat to spare. The licence will require some online training to be completed.
Co-drivers get to experience all the thrill of rallying with hardly any of the cost. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can sit back and enjoy the ride; co-drivers are absolutely crucial to successfully competing in a rally, and carry significant responsibility. For this reason, skilled co-drivers are highly sought after.

Become a driver

To drive in a khanacross you will need a Motorsport Australia Level 2 Non Speed (L2NS) licence or superior. Click here to see the different licences issued by Motorsport Australia and their requirements. An L2NS licence is very simple to acquire, and does not require a driving test. You will also need a vehicle, which will require a fire extinguisher to be fitted. There are some specific requirements for fire extinguishers, which you can find here.

The vehicle must of course be safe to drive (e.g. no heavy impact damage, no worn seat belts etc.). Club cars are often available for new competitors without a suitable vehicle of their own.

To drive in a rally or rallysprint, you will need a Motorsport Australia Rally licence, and a log booked rally car that fully complies with Motorsport Australia safety requirements as outlined in the Motorsport Australia manual of motorsport . The licence will require some online training to be completed, and an observed licence test at an event such as a khanacross. This means that the best place to start on your journey to becoming a rally drivers is to come along to some khanacross events