Hi Folks,

Welcome back to the 2022 Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages, back in full swing for the 29th

We are sure you’d all agree that last year’s event was pretty intense, challenged with a number of
date changes, weather events, an ARC component (unfortunately cancelled at the final minute) and
the final challenge of turning the event around in a week to give you all the Monaro experience in

The support we received from all our competitors, crews, officials and volunteers in 2021 was
nothing short of amazing and we can’t thank you enough for staying with us.

Our date for 2022 is 29th October and with a very full calendar for 2022, this will be the only date
we’ll have for the event.

With the intensity of last years’ event, we’ve sought to bring you a compact format with 6 daylight
stages and total distance of 184kms (approx.) and still 148 kms competitive distance.

Dave has worked his “road magic” again with 6 daylight stages incorporating a mixture of CAT4
forestry roads and some tight & technical side sections, providing a variety of road types and

We will be host again for the 2022 ACT Regional Rally Series, Northern Hyundai Rally Challenge and
welcome on board the Northern Hyundai Gravel Girls Series.

We have been welcomed again by Brian, who runs Bondi Forest Lodge, which will be our base, Rally

HQ and Service Park for the event all within 200-300 metres of each other. The lodge itself sleeps up

to 72 people with a central amenities block with showers and toilets. Accommodation also includes

a fantastic grassed area for camping and availability for camping trailers and vans. The

accommodation blocks (3) each have their own kitchens and wood burning heaters for crews to use.

Additionally, there is a main mess hall. We also have access to our own private lake for those

interested in a spot of fishing.

Service crews will be well catered for with our service park a hop, step and jump from the Lodge and

all facilities close at hand.

Our thanks again to Andrew & Georgina from Kosciuszko Automotive for their sponsorship and

support for the Monaro Stages. We greatly appreciate their support, now going into its 6 th year

with the event. We also welcome back as sponsors Wildbrumby Schnapps, Jindabyne Brewing and Skymesh

Pty Ltd who will again provide Rally HQ with satellite NBN internet connection for our communications

and to keep our crews safe. We are very grateful for their support.

Entries open on 1st September 2022 and we look forward to seeing you all again at the event.

Debbie, Dave, Kim, Carolyn and the Team

2022 Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages Organisers