Blue Range Rallysprint update.

Just an update, since its rapidly getting closer!

I hope the Sup Regs should be able to be released this week, I am just waiting to get them back from CAMS. They will be published on the web site and facebook page when available.

Entries will be via the CAMs Online Entry system, and open when Sup Regs are published. Pre-Entry will close Thurs 9th April (On the day available). Entries accepted in order of receipt.

It will be closed to club this time, but day memberships will be available, as is online full membership.

To allow licence checking and electronic ‘signing’ of disclaimer using the CAMS Online Entry, all Drivers Co-Drivers each do a separate entry via the online Entry. We hope it will work better this way. Do not leave it to the last minute if you have not used the online entry system before, as some people have problems, it is better to get one as soon as you can and get all your details entered before you need to enter.

Location is the same as the last event, the one stage is about 7.7km run 3 times in each direction. Slightly shorter than last time to allow for a proper stop control and to avoid blocking the spectator access road.

This time there is plenty of time for Recce, 1.5 hours in each direction. Recce will run concurrently with Documentation and Scruteneering, to avoid queues you will be able to drop off/park your documentation and/or vehicle off, if you wish, then come back later to pick it back up.

Again provision is made for 2 Drivers entering the same car, by splitting the field into 2 groups. This time one group will do their 3 competitive runs before changing over to the other group. This will give much more time for drivers and navigators sharing a car to changeover. However it will reduce service time between a Drivers runs to effectively zero, especially if cars drop out.

There is a provision this time for a Driver to enter twice in the same car. The second entry is prioritised after other entries, and the second ‘entry’ is not eligible for awards.

Registration + UVP conditions will be checked as part of Documentation. ACT “Inspection and repair only” permits will not be able to be accepted. Pre entrants will be required to email scans of registration paperwork.

Similar to last time, the schedule is based on a single time window for competition. Drivers are expected to queue up and be ready to run in order or risk losing road position or possibly their run. This is a bit more forgiving than last time. This allows the event allot more flexibility to deal with delays, and to keep a constant stream of competitors when things are running smoothly.