Welcome to the Monaro once again. This year’s event follows a similar route to last year with excellent shire stages flowing into stages in Coolingubra State Forest, hopefully without the rain this year.

The roads are in excellent condition, with the open shire roads and more technical forest sections incorporated to give a wide variety of road types and surfaces

Our thanks again to Andrew & Georgina Penny from Kosciuszko Automotive for their sponsorship and support for the Monaro Stages again in 2019.

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Entry Form for the 2019 Kosciuszko Automotive Monaro Stages

Supplementary Regulations

Further Regulations 18/09/2019

Spectator Instructions

Servicing Instructions

Remote Refuel Advice

Instructions for the entry form

  1. The entry form is a fillable PDF (using Adobe Reader)
  2. Download the entry form and fill it out, completing all details.
  3. Use the “Save As” option to keep a copy of the completed entry form for your own records.
  4. Use “Submit” button in the right hand corner of Page 1 on the entry form and the email will go direct to Monaro Stages email