LCCC Vs BMSC Interclub Power karts

About 1/2 dozen members fronted up to represent the LCCC at the PowerKarts interclub challenge with BMSC.   A big thanks to Micheal and BMSC for organizing it, everyone seemed to have a great time.

After the five heats,  based on best lap times in the heat, 10 drivers qualified for the final.  The final was run as a race with a grid start race, so messing about with “dust gaps” to get a hot lap in.  Russ Winks was able to draw pole position and hold on to the end for the win for LCCC.

Hopefully we can get more LCCC members next time to even up the numbers, everyone is welcome.  Its a good chance for some Khanacross drivers to try and show up some of the rally drivers, who are slow to un-learn old habits of backing it into the turns under brakes.